Capacity Strengthening

Proposed Strategic Priorities

We develop the capacity of institutions and individuals through training, mentoring, coaching and exposing researchers to modern evaluation techniques.

Strategic SMART goals for the next 5 years

Collaboration with 40 organizations for capacity building.

Training of 1,600 individual researchers/M&E beginners & practitioners.

Financial &technical support to 500 researchers.

Establishment of a research network with 2,000 researchers.

Institutional Capacity Strengthening

Objective: To support govt as well as non-govt institutions in building their internal capacity for monitoring and evaluation in order to advance evidence backed decision making

Immediate next steps

  • Develop list of prospective institutional stakeholders and the respective countries where ICED has presence
  • Design institutional engagement plan.

Individual Professional Development

Objective: To advance evaluation theory and practice in support of sustained and resilient development in countries and regions in Africa and the Global South.

Immediate next steps

  • Identify prospective individuals through the partner network
  • Design information brochures for online and in-person courses

Grant Management

Objective: To develop and strengthen the capacities of African institutions and researchers/grant managers to efficiently and efficiently manage donor grants

Immediate next steps

  • Identify grant management skills gaps to be filled and prepare training curriculum
  • Create list of potential grant managers for pilot trainings.

Research Network Development

Objective: To develop a network of high-quality researchers through nurturing and developing individuals, and also connecting them to relevant opportunities.

Immediate next steps

  • Creation of tiers of services to be provided to the members
  • Identification of partner organizations to provide training support or job opportunities to the members
  • Development of the training curriculum based on needs assessment.

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