Monitoring Programs & Policies

Proposed Strategic Priorities

We use innovative tools and techniques to improve access to quality data, thereby supporting organizations in effectively monitoring their programmes and policies.

Strategic SMART goals for the next 5 years

Development & publication of at least two annual indices.

Creation of monitoring systems for 5-7 projects/organizations.

Autonomous Monitoring Center

Objective: To set up a center which collects, analyses and publishes indices on a regular basis to monitor the progress of development initiatives and provide policy makers or influencers access to rich-data.

Immediate next steps

  • Selection of two priority sectors
  • Allocation of human resources on identifying relevant KPIs & work planning
  • Development of a tech & data platform for data collection, analysis & representation

Agile Monitoring Systems

Objective: To provide a real time monitoring system to help policy makers use much faster methods and more inclusive metrics for measuring results and tracking performance.

Immediate next steps

  • Exploring partnership with organisations to building monitoring systems
  • Documenting about the existing monitoring systems

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