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ICED is committed to driving progress across all SDGs through a global collaborative approach and multidisciplinary expertise. Our core pillars of Research and Innovation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Policy Engagement, and Capacity Development empower meaningful impact and positive change. By integrating these principles into our initiatives, we contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future, working together with governments, organizations, and communities worldwide to achieve lasting development goals.


  • Research to fill the evidence gaps in Africa.
  • Convening of people to catalyze innovation for Africa
  • Technology and data to identify, forecast & track trends and critical M&E factors
  • Partnerships to ensure effective engagement with influential and important stakeholders

We are an international and independent think-tank

The International Center for Evaluation and Development (ICED) fills an important gap in the global evaluation architecture. It is the first Africa-based international think-tank that combines research and innovation with extensive practical experience in evaluation for development in Africa. With our operating headquarters in Kenya, and West Africa.

Program Evaluation

We conduct rigorous assessments of programs to determine their effectiveness and impact.

Development Consulting

We provide expert advice and support to organizations in designing and implementing development initiatives.

We drive advancements in evaluation methodologies and approaches, filling gaps in global evaluation practices through research and innovation.

We ensure rigorous monitoring and evaluation of programs, bridging gaps in accountability and learning within the global evaluation architecture.

We actively engage policymakers, closing gaps between evaluation evidence and policy decisions for more effective development outcomes.

We build evaluation capacity, addressing gaps in skills and knowledge to strengthen the global evaluation architecture.

  • Professional excellence on the the cutting edge of evaluation
  • Professional and personal integrity
  • The diversity of values, cultures and contexts around the world
  • All relevant voices, especially of those most vulnerable
  • Relationships and joint contributions