Capacity Strengthening

Executive Leadership Program in Monitoring & Evaluation

Executive Leadership Program in Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Institutions and Agencies

The profession and practice of monitoring and evaluation are still evolving. Experiences and innovations in the Africa, including those based on indigenous contexts, cultures and ways of knowing and doing, offer significant potential to enhance monitoring and evaluation theory and practice. Monitoring and Evaluation is a relatively new field that has emerged from a diverse array of applied social sciences. Although it is practice-oriented, there has been a proliferation of programs in monitoring and evaluation that just prescribe to theory than actual practice. The Executive leadership program in Monitoring and Evaluation for Public Institutions and Agencies is being designed to bridge the gap between theory and practices. It is being led by a team of professional who combines years of extensive practical experience in monitoring and evaluation for development in international institutions as well as Africa-based organizations. They are roots in practical experience gained in many very different parts of the world, yet are fully aware of all the theories and practices that have shaped evaluation as profession.

  • Program Goals : To advance evaluation theory and practice in support of sustained and resilient development in countries and regions in the Africa and the Global South
  • Program Purpose : To address gaps in the evaluative capabilities and knowledge of Public executives, Public M&E professional and non-professionals and policy makers in the Africa and other Global South countries in the use of monitoring and evaluation evidence for decision making and development actions.