Evaluating Programs & Policies Impact

Proposed Strategic Priorities

We design and undertake rigorous evaluations to measure the impact of Govt and private organizations policies or programmes. Our evaluations support the organizations in making data and evidence backed decisions.

Strategic SMART goals for the next 5 years

Conduction of evaluation of at least 10 programmes

Engagement with 4-6 Govt entities on evaluation of policies.

Programme Evaluation

Objective: To systematically collect information about program activities and objectives, monitor progress, and to report and communicate results to  partners and stakeholders.

Immediate next steps

  • Identify potential sectors and partners for the collaboration
  • Targeted outreach to the potential partners using existing relationships and partnerships

Policy Evaluation

Objective: To connect policies, outcomes & main actors: governments  & citizens to achieve high levels of well-being, and ensure progress towards national goals, or wide international commitments, such as the SDGs.

Immediate next steps

  • Leveraging relations with Government leadership to draft potential projects.
  • Publishing about the previous work, policy recommendations.

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