Past Projects

End of Project Evaluation for the Mozambique Local and Regional Procurement (LRP) Project

ICED was contracted by World Vision Mozambique to conduct an end of project Evaluation for local procurement school feeding programme which was implemented over a period of two years that is 2017 – 2019

Role of ICED :

ICED assessed the project implementation process, identifying the project achievements and any challenges faced. The evaluation generally contributed to the organizational learning by identifying lessons learnt and emerging good practices.

ICED Approach :

A mixed-methods approach was utilized for this evaluation and that included quantitative and qualitative data collection approaches to enrich the validity of the evaluation results through data triangulation.

Team Members :

  • Dr. David Ameyaw
  • Eneida Monteiro
  • Ventura Mfume

Client :

World Vision International

Core Area :

Institutional M&E Systems Development and Adaptive Management

Functional Area :

Food Security

Geography :


Stage :


Durations :

July 2019 to December 2019

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