Researching for Evidence

Proposed Strategic Priorities

We work with and coordinate network of researchers to develop and promote state of the art hypothesis, theories and models that capture the progress, success, and failures of development initiatives, and that generate sound evidence which can inform decision-making, strategic planning, and risk management.

Strategic SMART goals for the next 5 years

Facilitate at least 20 ongoing research across the region annually.

Conduct at least 5 applied research within a period of 5 years.

Evidence Generation

Objective: To facilitate evidence generation led by various researchers to contribute to knowledge-based decision making.

Immediate next steps

  • Set-up systems to regularly monitor the progress and ensure high quality
  • Provide dissemination and publication support to the researchers
  • Identify funding opportunities for new projects

Applied research

Objective: To conduct rigorous, scientific research that provides solutions to pressing needs by informing policies and actions.

Immediate next steps

  • Identification of 2-3 potential research topics and potential funders
  • Disseminating the existing research through multiple channels for increased visibility

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